What is Facebook Metaverse? | The New Meta Platform

Now Facebook Company name is changed into Meta. In the news and everywhere, you might be hearing this thing. But why did Facebook change its brand name to Meta? What does Meta actually mean?

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is basically a digital world which you can experience using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technology. Just like we live in the real world. We have people, the environment, trees, etc around us. There will be a replica of this world in a computer program. It would be called a Metaverse and also a digital world. You can also interact with people in Metaverse using VR and AR technology and gadgets just like you do in real life.

What Can We Do Using Metaverse?

Almost everything. We can create a replica of our world in Metaverse. We can experience and visit the United States, Japan, Antarctica virtually living in our digital room or using VR and AR gadgets. We can play physical games with our friends virtually through the Internet in Metaverse.
In fact, we all are already using the Metaverse concept. Most of us play online games like Fortnite, COD, PUBG, GTA-V, and so forth and connect with people virtually using gadgets like laptops, desktops, smartphones, and gaming consoles to interact like we used to do in real life.

In short, we will be living in a digital world using Metaverse technology.

Why Facebook Changed Its Company Name To Meta?

Facebook changed its company name to Meta because Facebook is now making tech gadgets like VR headsets and others. Since many people think of Facebook as a social media company and can't imagine it as a gadget tech company, Facebook planned to change its name to Meta that will help them explain its new ideas and innovation. Before Facebook was a parent company of Facebook App, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc, and now the parent company name is Meta, and Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc, come under it.

The second reason Facebook changed its company name to Meta is that Facebook wants to build its digital world. The world is fulfilled only if there is an interactive environment and people. Since Facebook already has billions of people, Facebook can encourage its user to use their VR and AR technology to be in their virtual digital world, the Virtual World created by Facebook. The world of Facebook, where people are interacting with each other, playing games together, learning things together, visiting each other houses, and so forth virtually using VR and AR gadgets.

Mark Zuckerberg even says that the new updated version of the Internet is Metaverse, where people will interact with each other digitally using VR and AR.

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