8 Characteristics Of Modern Computer

A computer is a smart device. It helps us do our day-to-day tasks and others. It has many characteristics. Some of them are:

8 Characteristics Of Modern Computer


A computer can process simple and complex calculations in a fraction of a second than a human can do. The processing speed is usually measured in Hertz, KiloHertz, MegaHertz, GigaHertz, TeraHertz, and so forth.


A computer will always give 100% accurate results. If the user gives the correct data, the computer will give the correct Output and if the user gives the wrong data, the computer will give the wrong Output. A computer is called an Accurate machine because it always gives accurate results if the correct data is given.


A computer is called a reliable machine because it gives consistent and accurate results under the given conditions or inputs every time.


A computer can perform and complete the task automatically if the instructions are programmed and given to it. It will complete or run the task automatically, according to the given instruction.


A computer is called a diligence machine because it can perform the same task many times without any error and tiredness. It is a machine, not a human who gets exhausted after doing some task.


A computer is called a versatile machine because it is used to do a variety of tasks in different fields like education, business, hospital, banks, airports, astronomy, science, office, home, and others.

Large Storage Capacity

A computer can store a large amount of data if the storage capacity is more. It can quickly recall the information from the storage device if needed. Storage capacity is measured in Bits, MegaByte, GigaByte, TeraBytes, PetaBytes, and so forth.


No Feelings and No Intelligence

Since a computer is a machine it doesn't have feelings and its own intelligence. It just performs and processes the task according to the given instruction and code lines.

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