What Are The Use of Function Keys F1 to F12 on The Keyboard?

On your Computer Keyboard or Laptop keyboard, you always see F1 to F12 Function Keys, right. But, have you ever wondered what are these keys(F1 to F12) and their uses are?

What are Function Keys?

Function Keys are the keys that are on the top of the keyboard from F1 to F12 for performing different functions that make the use of the computer ease. Like for example, Function Key can be used to Refresh/Reload webpage or computer, saving the file, closing the window, etc.

To Use Function Key On Laptop, you should press function keys with the 'fn' key which is on the bottom of your keyboard.

What are the Uses of F1 To F12 Function Key?

F1 Key:

The F1 key is used to open the Help Center of the Application. For example, if you press the F1 key while using Chrome Browser, Google Chrome Help Center will open.

F2 Key:

The F2 key is used to Rename the file or folder on the computer quickly. Usually, to rename a file/folder, you right-click on it and click on rename to change its name, right. Well if you just select the file and press the F2 key, you can quickly rename it.

F3 Key:

The F3 key is used to search Applications on the computer or search text on the web browser.

F4 Key:

The F4 key doesn't function if you don't press it with Alt Key. If you press the Alt+F4 key from your keyboard the application or the window will close. If you press Alt+F4 on the desktop, then the shutdown popup will open to shut down your computer quickly.

F5 Key:

The F5 key is used to Refresh your computer and if you are using a web browser, you can quickly reload the webpage by pressing the F5 key from the keyboard.

F6 Key:

The F6 key is used to directly jump to the URL in the web browser.

F7 Key:

The F7 key is used in MS Office Word to check spelling and grammar.

F8 Key:

The F8 key is used before the booting of Windows finish when you start your computer. It basically opens the Safe Mode in Windows.

F9 Key:

The F9 key is used to Refresh Field in MS Office Word.

F10 Key:

The F10 key is used to open the context menu on the window. It will only function if you press it with the Shift Key. The key combination to open the context menu using the F10 key is 'Shift+F10'.

F11 Key:

The F11 key is used to use the application on full screen.

F12 Key:

The F12 key is often used to open Browser Developer Tools on the web browser.

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