Why Smartphone Cover Turn Yellow? | How To Make Yellow Phone Cover Into Transparent Phone Cover Again?

If you have used a transparent smartphone cover, then you might have experienced the smartphone cover/case turning yellow in color problem, right. Why does the smartphone cover/case turn yellow, and is there any way to turn the yellow cover into transparent again?

Why Does The Smartphone Cover Turn Yellow?

Smartphone covers are made using Silicone which is considered a plastic and rubber hybrid which makes it flexible and it is cheap too. Silicone is a substance that changes its color(mostly in yellow) over time. And there are also mainly three things that increase the rate of making transparent phone covers made of Silicone to the yellow phone cover. They are:

Heat Makes The Phone Cover Yellow

Whenever your smartphone is exposed to direct sunlight or when you use a smartphone, the phone heats. In this case, some chemical reactions happen in the transparent smartphone cover made of Silicone. The Silicone cannot resist heat or direct sunlight which contributes to turning the transparent cover into a yellow cover.

Food Items Makes The Phone Cover Yellow

Using a smartphone while eating or sometimes accidentally dropping food items on the smartphone is one of the things we all have done or experienced. These oily food items and drinks also contribute to making the phone cover because it always faces the problem of getting food items upon it which makes it dusty over time.

Dust Particle And Scratches Make The Phone Cover Yellow

Mostly Dust particles and scratches don't make the phone cover yellow. But it contributes to ruining the transparent phone cover and making it yellow and look ugly.

Is There Any Way To Make Yellow Phone Cover Into Clean and Transparent Phone Cover?

Yes, there is a way to make the yellow phone cover into a clean and transparent phone cover. That is to throw it into the dustbin and buy a new transparent phone cover. On the different sites, I have read that the chemical reaction that happens on Silicone is irreversible. That means once it is changed, you cannot make it as it was before. That also means you cannot convert your yellow phone cover into a transparent cover again. And the only way to do it is to buy a new transparent cover. One pro tip will be to buy a phone cover that is not transparent.

In Conclusion, a Transparent Phone Cover is made up of Silicone which is a substance that changes its color because of different chemical reactions over time and cannot be changed as it was before. That gives us the sight that, yellow phone cover cannot be converted into a transparent phone cover.

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