How To Become A Hacker?

Hacking is a technique to break the security of the computer program and gain access to all the information inside the computer program, and the person who does it is known as Hacker. In today's Internet era, there are lots of talented hackers in the world. Lots of ethical hackers are doing legal jobs in tech and other companies. Lots of black hats hackers are doing legal work. But, the thing is that they are hacking the computer system. But, how? How do they hack computer systems? How they become a hacker? How you can become a hacker?

How To Become A Hacker?

To become a hacker, you need to do and learn lots of things passionately and spend your time learning them. Without dedication to learning, you cannot become a hacker because hackers are good learners. They have spent their valuable time learning different computer-related kinds of stuff to become a hacker. Below I have mentioned some points that will help you to become a hacker.

Become a Computer Expert To Become a Hacker

All hacking kinds of stuff are done using the computer. That means you need to become a computer expert to become a hacker. How to become a computer Expert? You can take online courses or classes near your location institutes to gain computer basics and advance knowledge to become a computer expert. The most efficient and free way to become a computer expert is the Internet. You can learn almost everything related to computers through the Internet. You just need dedication to learning.

Learn Programming Languages To Become A Hacker

All the computer programs, mobile apps, websites, etc are made using different programming languages. Programming languages helps to build all this software. To understand how software is made, you need to learn programming languages. It will help you to figure out how a computer program is made and how you can manipulate it to gain access to the information inside it. If you are confused, about which programming language to learn first then you can simply go on google and search for it. My recommendation will be to learn Python or C language at first. My strong recommendation will be to learn the C language because it will help you understand the basics of programming language and will also help you to understand other programming languages easily.



Learn How the Internet works To Become A Hacker

Most of the hacking is conducted through the Internet. That means you need to know how the Internet works. You must learn about different Computer Networks, how the website works, how the website and the online application runs, how to be anonymous on the Internet, where and how the Internet data is stored, etc. Internet is literally huge.


Try To Test Your Hacking Skill To Become A Hacker

After gaining a little bit of hacking knowledge and skill, try to use it. Don't try to do illegal work or work that will harm someone. Try to make your website or app and hack it. See if you can hack it or not. If you have developed the hacking skill then you can apply for a job in different companies or do bug bounties and other ethical hacking stuff to earn money from your hacking skill.

In Conclusion, To become a hacker you need to become a computer genius. You should learn about different programming languages, how the Internet works, Computer networks, and almost everything related to computers.

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