Does My Smartphone Listen To Me?

Have you ever noticed that whenever you talk about something or search about something on the Internet, and later, you see the ads related to it on a different application like Facebook, youtube, etc? For example, let's say you are talking with your friend about buying a new laptop, and later when you open your smartphone, you see Laptop related ads and posts on your social media and all other application. Isn't that fishy? Like your smartphone is listening to you every time. All the applications like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and others track your Internet usage pattern, listen to your conversation, and show you the posts and ads related to the subject you talked about earlier.

Is Our Smartphone Listening To Us?

Many people have claimed that they were talking about something. Later, they saw ads related to that topic on Facebook. And I guess, It might be true. Because sometimes I have also experienced it. One day I was talking about a guitar with my friends and watching guitar-related content on the Internet. Later, I saw guitar-related ads and posts like get the brand new guitar, guitar accessories, and so forth on Facebook, Instagram, and other application. At that time, I was really shocked how do they know about it. Are they listening to me? Are they spying on me? And Yes, these all applications were really doing it.


How Can Smartphones Listen To Us?

In our smartphone, there is a microphone sensor. We all know about it. We use it to record our audio, right. But the thing is, the microphone does a lot more stuff than you think. Do you know that when you install a new application on your smartphone, it asks for some permission like a Camera, Microphone, Storage, and others? Why does this application ask for permission? To use that sensor of the smartphone if it is needed. Like, if you want to capture a photo. Then, you need to give Camera permission to that camera application. Same ways lots of application asks for Microphone permission and use your smartphone microphone every time.

Is It Ok If Smartphone Is Listening To Your Every Conversation?

Yes and no. If you really care about your privacy and don't want these popular applications to track your data then no it is not ok if your smartphone is listening to all your conversation. Yes, if you love seeing the content on the Internet you want. Most of the popular application does this to improve the user experience and to earn money through ads for sure. It's is up to you. If you don't care about your privacy then it's ok. But, if you do care then you must turn off microphone permission for any particular application or all the applications.

In conclusion, yes, your smartphone is listening to you. All the popular applications are listening to your conversation and are showing you ads related to your conversation to make money.

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