What Is The Reason Why Phones Don't Come With Charger Anymore?

In 2020 Apple announced, they won't include a charger in the iPhone 12 box and continue not including chargers in the upcoming iPhone boxes. If they want a charger, they can buy it separately. And later, other smartphone and gadgets companies followed this idea. They discontinued including the charger in the Phone box and put only a data cable. Why are Companies not including chargers in the Phone box?

What Is The Reason Why Phones Don't Come With Charger Anymore?

There could be various reasons behind not including a charger with the phone. Some of the reasons could be these things below:

To Stop E-waste Phones Don't Come With Charger

"Including no charger in the phone box can save our environment by reducing electronic waste." This kind of statement given by Apple and other companies is actually correct. There are a lot of electronic gadgets that we never use. That could be a charger, earphone, wires, mobile, laptop, etc. We throw those electronic gadgets we don't use that increase the E-waste.

If we talk about the charger, I guess those people who have bought more than two smartphones have many chargers, right. They have their old smartphone charger and new smartphone charger too. And they are going to use only one charger to charge their smartphone that tells us that another charger is wasted and not being used. Now multiply this by billions of people around the world. See how much E-waste is produced. It might not be the same case for everyone, but it is the same for most people. To stop this e-waste, companies started not giving chargers in the phone box, thinking they already have their old charger.

Phones Don't Come With Charger Because People Can Afford A Charger If They Want

The charger is not one of the expensive gadgets. Many people can easily buy a charger for their mobile devices if they want. Companies are even selling their smartphone charger separately for those who want them. If people have no option rather than to buy a charger, they will buy it. And if they have their old smartphone charger, they can use them instead of buying a new one.

To Make Profit Phones Don't Come With Charger

By selling the charger separately, companies are making tons of profit for sure. Companies can make extra money by selling the charger separately, and I don't think there is any bad thing behind it.  Everybody wants to have profit and by not including chargers in the phone box, companies are saving the environment from e-waste which is a good thing. Yeah, I agree with the statement selling the charger separately, will increase the packaging and shipping which is going to lead to the e-waste more. But see, everyone will not buy a charger separately if they have their old smartphone charger.

In conclusion, Phones don't come with charger anymore because it creates tons of e-waste. And this e-waste affects our environment.

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