Why Memory Card and Pendrive Gets Corrupted?

We all have faced memory cards, Pendrive, and other storage devices corruption problems. Whenever we insert our Pendrive on our computer, it shows that the Pendrive is corrupt. Why do memory cards, Pendrive, and other storage devices get corrupted?

Why Do Memory Cards, Pendrive, And Other Storage Devices gets Corrupted?

There can be several reasons behind storage devices getting corrupted. Below I have mentioned four reasons behind storage devices getting corrupted.

Physical Damage Corrupt The Storage Device

If the storage device has physical damage, the connecting ports become weak, or the internal part might be damaged. It is one of the common culprits for damaging and corrupting storage devices like Pendrive, Memory Card, etc.

Ejecting Storage Devices In The Wrong Way Corrupt The Storage Device

Ejecting Storage devices directly from the computer can corrupt it when the files are being copied or pasted. Directly removing a storage device is one of the worse things you can do. You should never eject Pendrive, memory card when the files are being copied or pasted. When you eject the storage device in the read/write process, the computer loss its working component. It is like someone has cut your hand from your body. When you insert external devices into the computer, they become part of the computer. You should safely eject it to prevent it from corruption.

How To Safely Eject Pendrive an Memory Card From The Computer?

The first thing is never to eject the Pendrive when it is in the read/write process. And the second one is to eject Pendrive by telling the computer you want to eject the device.


Virus In A Storage Device Corrupt It

If your storage device has a virus program, then it can also corrupt it. The virus program disables the read/write and other functions of the storage device which leads to corruption of the storage device. If your storage device is corrupt because of a virus, you can format it to solve the corruption problem.

Operating System Problem Corrupt The Storage Device

To copy and paste the file from the computer/smartphone to the storage device and vice-versa, we need an operating system. The operating system helps in the process of read/write. It also controls the overall operation of the computer. If the Operating file system has an error, it can affect and corrupt other storage devices.

In conclusion, there are various reasons behind the corruption of the storage device. It could be physical damage, a virus in the storage device, an operating system fault, or ejecting the storage device in the wrong way.

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