5 Websites To Increase Your Typing Speed

If you want to improve your typing speed, then you must do practice typing. If you want someone or something to guide you while practicing typing, you can visit these 5 websites. One website is also enough to guide you.


10FastFingers will help you to improve your typing speed, test your typing speed, play typing speed games against other users online, etc.


Ratatype is also one of the popular websites for doing typing practice. Lots of people use this website to increase their typing speed.



TheTypingCat is the most popular website for improving typing speed. You can do typing text, take typing guidance, etc on this website.



TypingTest is only made for testing the typing speed and some games. You can check it out if 

you just want to check your typing speed.


Typing will also help you to improve your typing speed and become your typing tutor.

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