How Do Browsers Make Money If They Are Free To Use?

Have you ever wonder how the Internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc make money. Does this browser even make money, or are they free to use? None of us pay money to browse the Internet through these browsers, right. Even you are reading this on the web browser for free. If everything is free, then how do Internet browsers make money?

Do Popular Web Browsers Even Make Money?

Yes, they make lots of money through the browser. If you think the browser is free, you are wrong. Always remember, If you are not paying for the product, you are the product. All the popular web browsers make money in different ways. But How? Let's start with the most popular web browser Google Chrome.

How Google Chrome Earn Money?

If you use Google Chrome, then you will see that the default search engine is Google. On the search result page of Google, you will see ads. By showing the ads, Google Chrome generates money. And If you visit any website on Google Chrome, there is the most chance that you will see Ads run by Google on that site. On the Google Chrome home page, you will see other Google Products recommendations like Google Drive, Gmail, Google Translate, etc. Through this browser, Google earns money by recommending its other products and advertisements.

How Firefox Earn Money?

Firefox generates most of its money by keeping Google its default search engine. Google pays Firefox to keep Google as the default search engine. Google pays $450Million to Firefox every year to keep Google as the default search engine. Firefox also asks for the donation from their user to run and maintain the browser properly.


How Apple Safari Earn Money?

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple. Apple Safari web browser makes money by Google. If you have used Safari, then you know that the default search engine is Google. Google paid $12Billion to Apple to keep Google as their default search engine.


How Opera Earn Money?

On the opera homepage, you will see some shortcuts of different company's websites like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, etc. All these companies pay Opera for adding those shortcuts on the Opera home page. And Google also pays Opera for keeping Google as the default search engine.


How Microsoft Edge Earn Money?

Microsoft Edge browser makes money just like Google Chrome does. The default search engine of Microsoft Edge browser is Bing and this search engine is developed by Microsoft. Although, Microsoft Edge doesn't generate as much money as Google does. But, they generate some amount of revenue through it.


In Conclusion, All the popular Web Browsers make money by promoting their own other products and partnership with other companies for advertisement.

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