4 Things To Consider While Charging Your Smartphone

We daily use a charger to charge our smartphone battery. Without a charger, we can't recharge our smartphone battery and use the smartphone. So, a charger is the most necessary tool for us. But, most of us use our charger to charge our smartphones in kind of wrong way. So for that, I have mentioned 4 Things that you should consider while charging your smartphone.

 Remove Smartphone Case/Cover While Charging

Almost every smartphone user uses a smartphone cover/case to protect their phone from scratch and other things, which is a good thing. But, the smartphone cover/case is also one of the main reasons why the smartphone gets heat. Whenever you use a smartphone or charge the smartphone, it produces heat, and because of the cover, the heat can't blow away easily that can actually reduce the smartphone performance. So always try to remove the cover while charging your smartphone because Charging is also one of the activity, your smartphone does. You should also remove the phone case while using your smartphone for a long time or using heavy apps and games. You can put the phone cover back after completing your smartphone charging task and using your smartphone too.


Avoid Using Smartphone While Charging It

Most people are so addicted to smartphone that they even use them while charging. Nowadays, smartphones have become very smart. Smartphone knows how to manage the input charging current to control the smartphone battery. You can use your smartphone while charging it. But, I will not recommend you to do it because no one can guarantee that using a smartphone while charging is 100% safe. Though, I said smartphones have become very smart. But, there are also other factors like the type of charger and cable you are using. If you are using an Original Charger and original data cable to charge your smartphone, then it is safe to use it while charging. But, if it is not, don't use it while charging. And sometimes some original chargers also can't work well. So, it is 100% recommended not to use the smartphone while charging.


Use Original Charger And Data Cable To Charge Your Smartphone

As we have already talked about in the second point, use the original charger and data cable to charge your smartphone. If you use any random, duplicate, and non-branded chargers and data cables to charge your smartphone, stop using them because these duplicate products can actually harm your smartphone battery. Instead, make sure you are using an original charger to charge your smartphone. Like, use original that has come with the smartphone box or use the charger of other reputed smartphone brands. You can use Samsung original charger to charge Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, OnePlus, etc smartphones and vice-versa.


Put Smartphone On The Open Surface While Charging It

I am damn sure there are lots of people who actually put their smartphone under something or hide their smartphone with something while charging it and that is one of the stupid things. You should never do it because while charging the smartphone, it produces heat. If the phone is under something the heat can't blow easily that will harm your smartphone performance. So, always put the smartphone on the open surface.


In Conclusion, Always use the original charger to charge your smartphone, and don't let your smartphone heat a lot while charging.


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