Is It Bad To Charge Smartphone With Other Chargers? | 4 Things To Consider Before Using Any Smartphone Charger

I am damn sure most people charge their smartphones using other smartphones chargers, right. Most people charge their smartphone by taking a charger from their friend or anyone without knowing the brand and the capacity of the charger.

Is It Bad To Charge Smartphone With Other Chargers?

It is 100% ok to charge a smartphone with other chargers if the following points are validated.

The Smartphone Charger Output Volt is 5-Volt, 9-Volt, or around 12-Volt

Most of the smartphone can be charged with 5-volt current and those smartphones which support fast charging can charge with 9-volt or more than the 9-volt output current. If your smartphone doesn't have a fast charging feature you should charge it with those chargers whose output volt is 5-volt and if your smartphone does support fast charging then you can use 9-volt chargers.

The Smartphone Charger is Original and from Reputed Smartphone Brand

If the charger is original and from a reputed brand like Samsung, XIAOMI, RealMe, Apple, OnePlus, etc. you can use the charger to charge your device. You can charge your Samsung smartphone with a Xiaomi or Oneplus or other brands charger. The point is that the charger should be original and from a known and reputed brand. If the charger is without any branding or with fake branding, don't even think to charge your smartphone with it because it can harm your smartphone. Most of the non-branded chargers are duplicate and fake that can harm your device. So, always be sure if the charger is original or not before plugging the charger into your smartphone.

Use Smartphone Brand Original Charger

Although in point 2, I said you can use other smartphone brand's chargers to charge your smartphone but if you still don't want any type of problem on your smartphone then simply use the charger that has come with the smartphone box or buy the original smartphone charger from the original store. 

The Smartphone Charger Adapter Cable And Ports Are In Good Condition

If you have a charger which adapter is broken and with poor data cable, never use it. The broken charger and data cable is riskier to use. If the data cable is broken, someone can get an electric shock if they accidentally touch it. If the ports are broken, don't even think to use them. The broken port can break your smartphone charging port and if the current wire touches each other, it can destroy your smartphone.

In Conclusion, Use the charger which is from a reputed brand and support your smartphone battery charging capacity or use the original charger that has come with the smartphone box.

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