Why Is Apple Always Late For Adding New Features Than Android?

If you use both Android devices and iPhones or if you see iPhone new features anywhere, you will found that all the features were already available on Android devices. Not only for iPhone but for most products like Apple Airpods, Apple different services like Apple Pay, iTunes, etc. Why is Apple always late for adding and implementing new features and technologies to their products than Android and other companies?

Why Is Apple Always Late For Adding New Features Than Android?

There could be various reasons but maybe Apple does this because of the following reasons:

Apple Has Its Own Market

There are millions of Apple users and Apple products fans. If you see the smartphone users, you will found on average, out of every 4 people 1 person uses Apple iPhone. And All these Apple iPhone users love using it. If you ask any iPhone user which is the best smartphone in the market, they will always say you, iPhone is the best. Apple fans will always believe in Apple and wait for new features addon on their iPhones, even if it is late. That's why Apple doesn't need to worry about being late.


Apple Believe in Making High-Quality Products

Apple always introduces features on their iPhone so late, whereas Android already has those features a few months, or a few years back. But, let be honest when Apple introduced those feature on their iPhone, it is more polished, smooth and the best. You can take any example like Android has the widget features for a very long time but, Apple introduces this widget feature on their iPhone very recently with a more smooth experience. Not only with their iPhone, but Apple also does it with every product like their Airpods, MacBook, etc. They try to make high-quality products for the user so that, the user doesn't need to complain about it a lot.

Apple Has Millions Of Users

Since lots of people love Apple iPhones, Apple should also make high-quality products for their users. Apple always tries to make their products of the best possible quality because at the end of the day millions of people are going to use them. Apple cannot introduce low-quality features and products for their user. If they do so, Apple will lose its brand value in the market. So they take time to develop new features and Apple products and introduce them to the market.

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