Why India Banned Free Fire And Other Chinese Related Application?

Recently, India banned one of the biggest games called Free Fire and other applications, which were kind of related to China. It is not the first time India has banned something. Before, TikTok, PUBG, and other applications were banned as well. But, why?

Why has India Banned Free Fire and Other Applications?

The one main reason India has banned or any country will ban applications is 'Privacy'. Privacy is one of the main reasons India and other countries banned theirs oppose country application/products. These banned applications were tracking user-sensitive data, asking for critical permission from the user, and sending real-time data to hostile countries. Concerning the Privacy of the user, the Indian government banned lots of applications that were misusing the user data that can be used to threaten or to do any bad thing to their hostile country.
Every user should be aware of their data privacy and security. They should try to protect their personal and sensitive data from being misused.

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