What is The Use Of Screensaver On The Computer?

We all have once tried to play with screensaver program in windows computer for fun or maybe for other reason. But, have you ever asked yourself, what is a screensaver and what is its use? Everyone might know about it, but many people don't know its use.

What is Screensaver On The Computer?

Screensaver is a computer program that displays the moving image, text, patterns, object, or blank screen when the user leaves their computer for a while or when the computer is not in use.

What is the Use of Screensaver Program?

Initially, the screensaver program was used to protect the CRT monitor from the screen burning problem. In the back days, computer monitor technology wasn't advanced as it is now. CRT monitor screen used to easily burn when the same image is being displayed for a while. To stop this screen burning or screen ghost problem, a screensaver program was made. The screensaver program displays the moving image or pattern on the screen when the user stops using their computer for a while to stop it from the screen burning problem.


What is The Use of Screensaver Program Now?

Nowadays monitor screens are advanced. We have got LED, LCD monitor screens which are more powerful than old. These screens usually never get screen-burning problems. Hence, no need for a screensaver program. But, the screensaver program can still be used for privacy. For example, if you left your computer for a while, the screensaver will start. Because of the screensaver, other people can't see what you were doing on the computer. Hence, the screensaver program can be used for privacy reasons.

In conclusion, the Screensaver program is used to protect CRT monitors from getting screens burned and for privacy reasons.

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