10 Fun Google Search Tricks

We daily use Google Search Engine to get our questions answer. But do you know that Google is also one of the best place for entertainment. Below I have mentioned 10 Fun Google Search Tricks that will blow your mind.

Google Gravity

If you search "Google Gravity" and click on  I'm Feeling Lucky. Then, you will see the search bar, logo, etc will fall down because of the gravity.



If you search "Recursion" on Google, it will keep saying you "Did you mean: recursion".

Do A Barrel Roll

If you search "Do A Barrel Roll", your search result will rotate for 1 time.



If you search "Askew" on Google, you will see the tilted result on your browser.


Blink HTML

If you search "Blink HTML" on Google, some of the words from the search result will start blinking.


Play Pacman

It's time for playing some games. If you search "Play Pacman" on Google, you can play Pacman game on Google.


Play Snake

If you search "Play Snake", you can play the Snake game on Google.


Zerg Rush

If you search "Zerg Rush" on Google and click on I'm Feeling Lucky, you will see O floating on the screen that will destroy your search result. To save your search result you have to click on those Os with a mouse.


Animal Sounds

If you search "Animal Sounds" on Google, you can play the sounds of different animals.


Atari Breakout

If you search "Atari Breakout" and click on I'm Feeling Lucky, the Atari Breakout game will start where you have to destroy the bricks with the ball.


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