Why Is My Computer So Slow?


Did you ever wonder why the computer become slow? Why the old computer can't even run simple programs and apps. Why the computer become slower over time?

A computer is one of those things many people don't upgrade frequently. Many people keep their computers for more than 2 years, 5 years, and even for 10 years. If you are one of them especially those people who keep their computer for more than 5 years then it's obvious your computer will become slow.

How Does The Computer Become Slow?

Honestly, the computer never gets slow. The computer programs, software, games, etc system requirements increase over time. If you run those apps and games which were made at that time when the computer was manufactured then that computer program will run properly(if you had that time powerful computer).

The computer made in 2005 cannot run today's games and apps like GTA-V, PUBG, Adobe Photoshop, etc. That 2005 computer can run those apps and games which were made at that time.


The computer becomes slow over time because the computer software hardware requirements increase that your old computer cannot fulfill.

What is the Solution?

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