Google Project Starline: Now You Can Video Chat With Person In 3D


Google has recently revealed their project called Starline. This Project Starline is specially made for making video calls more realistic. You can talk to people in 3D living far from you.

Imagine you are sitting near a window and talking to a person who is living in another city or country. That's crazy, isn't it? Google Project Starline is similar to this idea. If you want to talk to anyone living far from you, you go near to the 3D display and on the display, you will see another person and there will also be a camera that will make a 3D model of you for that person whom you are talking.

On the blog, Google said they have applied hardcore research in machine learning, computer vision, spatial audio, and real-time compression to talk virtually in a more realistic way. That means you can make eye contact with them and talk naturally like you do in person.

Google Project Starline required special hardware to make it possible. Google said they are testing this project Starline on their few Google offices. The Project Starline hardware costs a lot right now. Let's hope this technology will be affordable for everyone in near future. 

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