2 Ways To Make Text Reader in Windows 10


If you want your computer to read the text you enter then you should follow these tips/tricks given below.

First Way

  1. Open Notepad.
  2. Type or Copy&Paste this code
    CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"Enter your text here" 

  3. Type your text you want to narrate from your computer.
  4. Save The File as (namearea).vbs extension.


Now, If you open the file you will hear your computer reading text.

Second Way

  1. Open Notepad as usual.
  2. Type or Copy&Paste this code
    Dim Rohit Message=InputBox("Type Your Text","I will read your text")
    Set Rohit= CreateObject("SAPI.spVoice")
    Set Rohit.Voice = Rohit.GetVoices.Item(0)
    Rohit.Speak message
  3. Save The File as (namearea).vbs extension.


Now, If you open the file you will get a text box where you can type your text to make your computer read it.

Change Voice Gender

If you want a male voice keep the number 0.
If you want a female voice keep the number 1.


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