Should I buy a Folding Phone in 2021?


A folding smartphone is one of the coolest gadgets. You can fold and use it as a normal smartphone as well as a big-screen tablet. Samsung and Motorola have also made folding phones that can become half of the phone size when closed. 

This new foldable smartphone technology is awesome. In near future, everyone is going to buy and use it. But, is it the right time to buy a foldable smartphone in 2021?

Many smartphones brand like Samsung and Motorola has already launched a couple of foldable phones in the market and some people are also buying it. Right now, the price of a foldable phone is more than a flagship phone.

The special thing about folding phones is that they can be folded. But, the processor, camera, and other features are not worth it according to the price which is around $2000. You can buy 2 flagship and powerful phones for $2000.

Should You Need To Buy a Foldable Phone?

Yes and No.
If you want to experience the new folding technology and you have lots of money then you should buy a foldable phone.

But, if you don't have lots of money and if you want price worthy smartphone then you should not buy a foldable phone. Instead of it go buy a normal flagship smartphone.

But, Soon this folding technology will be more advanced and can come under the midrange phone price. So wait for a couple or more years to use a folding phone at a cheap price.

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