Google And Samsung Collaboration With Smart Watches


In the recent Google I/O, Google And Samsung are collaborating to improve the SmartWatch Experience for the user.

Samsung is making SmartWatch for a long time and lots of Samsung Galaxy Watch fans buy it. Samsung was using its Tizen OS for smartwatches. But now, In the upcoming Samsung SmartWatch, you will get the Google Wear OS which will be more efficient and user-friendly for SmartWatch Lovers.

Google said they will provide 3 services. They are A Unified Platform, New Consumer Experience, World-class Health and Fitness.

A Unified Platform

Google wear OS and Tizen are combined to build a unified platform. It helps to improve the smartwatch performance, battery life and developers can easily build SmartWatch app for lots of users. Google said the app will open 30% faster and the animation and transition are buttery smooth.

New Consumer Experience

You can use your favorite apps on SmartWatch made by the SmartWatch App Developer community. You can even use your favorite Google apps like google maps, youtube, etc.

World-class Health And Fitness

The heart rate sensor will actively track your activity during day time that will help to tell your health condition.

Google also said this feature will also be available on other brand's smartwatches later. This seems like the future is ready for wearable technology. What's your opinion? Comment Below...

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