Can Smartphone Replace DSLR Camera?

 Today's Smartphone Cameras are very powerful. They can capture great images and videos. But, Can Smartphone Replace DSLR Camera?

Nowadays, every smartphone company likes SAMSUNG, APPLE, etc are working on improving smartphone camera. Today's smartphone can capture high-quality images and videos. Especially, on flagship phones like Apple iPhones and Samsung S Series and Note Series Phones. So, there is no doubt today's smartphone cameras can capture great images and videos.

Can Smartphone Camera Replace DSLR Camera?

I guess No. Because DSLR is a professional photography tool. It is specially made for capturing images and videos. All the people will only use their smartphones to capture images and videos in the future. But, All the photographers will use DSLR Cameras for their photography.

Smartphone helps you to capture images and videos quickly. But, DSLR helps you to capture better images and videos cause it has big image sensor than a smartphone.

Many people may not use DSLR. But, Smartphone Cameras Cannot Replace DSLR.

But, Who has seen the future?



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