How Much RAM Do I Need?

RAM is one of the most important components for PC. Many people are confused about how much RAM do they need?. 4GB,8GB,16GB,etc.


What is RAM?

RAM(Random Access Memory) is a volatile memory that means it stores the data and information while it is receiving power. When the PC is turned off, All the data and information are erased from RAM. Basically, All the applications, OS are loaded in RAM when the computer is turned on.

How Much RAM Do I Need?


In Budget Computer or Laptop, You will find 4GB of RAM. In 2020, 4GB RAM is not enough because of today's Operating System like Windows 10, macOS, ChromeOS, etc. These OS consume 2 GB of RAM. And remaining 2 GB cannot handle other applications for multitasking. You will see a bad performance. So, I will not recommend you to go for 4GB RAM.



In Midrange Computer or Laptop, You will find this RAM. This RAM is enough for a normal computer user or for casual gaming or video editing, etc. This is recommended if you are going to buy a new PC or laptop.


16GB or 32GB RAM

If you are a heavy user like you run heavy software, heavy games, etc then you must go for 16 GB of  RAM. You will find smooth performance by 16 GB RAM and 32 GB of RAM will give you more smoother experience. If you can pay more than 32 GB of RAM is recommended otherwise you can go for 16GB of RAM.

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