How Much RAM Do I Need On A Computer and Laptop?

RAM is one of the most important components that is required while building a computer. RAM are available in different sizes like 2GB RAM, 4GB RAM, 6GB RAM, 8GB RAM, 16GB RAM, 32GB RAM and so forth. How much RAM do we actually need in a computer? What would be an ideal RAM size for you?

What is RAM?

RAM(Random Access Memory) is a volatile memory that stores the data and information while receiving power. When the electricity turns off, All the data and information erase from RAM. And when the electricity is available on the computer, the operating system takes some space in GBs in RAM. That's why it is called volatile memory.

How Much RAM Do I Need In A Computer?

In today's time, you will get a computer and laptop with more than 4GB of RAM. Today's popular operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 11, LINUX, Apple macOS, and other need around 2GB of RAM to run the computer system. And to run other application programs on the computer, more RAM space is required. How much RAM do you require? It depends upon your uses.

Why Should You Have 4GB RAM on a Computer and Laptop?

Mostly, in a budget PC and laptop, you will get 4GB of RAM. If you use a computer for doing normal tasks like browsing the internet, saving images and videos on the hard disk, using those applications whose maximum RAM requirement is less than 4GB, and don't use multiple applications at once then, you should have 4GB of RAM on your computer. You don't need to spend lots of money buying 8GB, 16GB RAM if you don't do many tasks and don't use RAM-hungry applications.

Why Should You Have 8GB RAM on a Computer and Laptop?

In midrange and upper midrange Computers and Laptops, you will get 8GB of RAM. For most people, 8GB RAM will be enough and would be the best choice to have a computer having 8GB of RAM. In an 8GB RAM computer, you can use a little bit of RAM-consuming applications like video editing applications, photo-editing applications, and games like GTA-V, Minecraft, etc. 8GB of RAM will be suitable for casual gamers and those users who use a computer for doing little bit heavy tasks and also for using multiple at once. And I personally recommend having at least 8GB of RAM, if you are going to buy a new computer.

Why Should You Have 16GB and 32GB of RAM on a Computer and Laptop?

In the most expensive computers and laptops, you will get 16GB and 32GB of RAM. This much RAM is only for those who use a computer for doing heavy tasks like 4K video editing, playing games in very high resolution, etc. This much amount of RAM is only recommended to them who actually do lots of multi-tasking and use lots of RAM-hungry application. With a computer having 16GB and more RAM you can run any types of application because most of the application doesn't require this much amount of RAM.

RAM Uses
4GB Not Good Performance(Only for normal computer users)
8GB Good Performance(Suitable for almost all the computer users)
16GB Better Performance(Suitable for 4K Video editor, and gamers)
32GB Best Performance(Can run all the application on the computer)

In conclusion, choose a RAM according to your budget and your requirement. Or simply, go for 8GB of RAM because it is suitable for all sorts of users like casual gamers, video editors, normal computer users, programmers, and everyone.

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