Laptop vs Desktop Computer | Which Is The Best?

When it comes to buying a new computer, many people get confused between Laptop and Desktop. Some people say that the Laptop is best because it is portable, and some say the Desktop is best because you can get a high-end specs Desktop at less price than the high-end specs laptop. Which One is Best For You?


A laptop is a small, portable personal computer that you can take anywhere with you.


1.You Can Use a Laptop anywhere.
2.It is small in size.
3.Everything is build-in like Keyboard, Screen, Mouse(TouchPad), Speakers, Microphone, Webcam, etc.


1.Hard to upgrade the components.
2.High-end Laptops are expensive than the same specs Desktop.
3.Small Screen Size can bother some people.


A desktop is a computer that is designed to put on a desk.


1.High-end Desktops are cheap than the same specs laptop.
2.Easy To Upgrade Hardware like Processor, RAM, Monitor, etc.


1.You cannot take your desktop computer anywhere as a laptop.

Which One is Powerful?

All over, The desktop computer is best because you can build a powerful computer at less price than the same specs laptop.

Which One is Best For You?

Well, It depends. If you travel a lot for work, then a Laptop is best for you. But, If your computer-related works are done by sitting at the same place, then a desktop computer is for you.

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