5 Useful Keyboard Shortcut Keys


 Below I have mentioned 5 useful keyboard shortcut keys that will help you a lot while doing tasks on the computer. They are:

  • Alt+Tab

By pressing Alt+Tab Key from your Keyboard you can switch to the open windows on your computer. You don't need to use a mouse to switch between open tabs. Just use key combination "alt+tab".

  • alt+f4

By pressing Alt+f4 you can close the open window. You can even shut down your computer quickly by pressing alt+f4 while you are on the desktop.



  •   Win+(1-2-3-4-5 and so on)

If you press Win+1 the first window/program which is pinned in the taskbar will open. Likewise, if you press Win+2 the second window/program will open, and so on.

  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc

If you press Ctrl+Shift+Esc from your keyboard the Task Manager window will open. Task Manager helps you to monitor the performance of a computer, closing the not responding programs, etc.

  • Ctrl+Win+(Left or Right Arrow Key)

If you want to switch between the desktop quickly. Then, you should use the key combination Ctrl+Win+(Left or Right Arrow Key).

To Create Multiple Desktop:

  1. Click On Task View.
  2. Click On New Desktop Button to create a new desktop.




I hope this was helpful. Don't forget to give us your feedback:)

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