$400 vs $1000 Phones | Midrange vs Flagship Phones | Which One is Better?


 In the market, you will get the smartphone at a different price range. Some smartphones cost $300-400, some of them cost $1000+. At what price should you buy a smartphone. Should you buy a $400 Mid-range phone or a $1000+ Flagship phone.

Flagship vs Midrange


Flagship phones are the best phone in the market. It has the best camera, best processor, best battery life, best user experience, and everything best.

 Midrange Phone

Whereas, a Midrange phone is best at some specific features like a best Camera Mid-range phone, best battery life mid-range phone, etc, or all features with low performance.

Which One is Best Flagship or Midrange?

Depends. If your budget is high and if you want all the cool, latest features on your smartphone then you should go for a flagship phone.
But, if your budget is low, and want one feature to be good then you should go for a mid-range phone.

BTW, If you ask me (Rohit Shah), I will go for a Flagship Phone.

I hope this was helpful. Don't forget to give us your feedback:)

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