What is An IP Rating? | Does It Make Your Smartphone Waterproof?

Did you ever think about what is IP68, IP67, etc. rating on a smartphone? Does this Rating Make Your Smartphone Waterproof?


What is an IP rating?

An IP(Ingress Protection) rating refers to the protection of a smartphone from dust and water. In IP68 or IP67 Rating, The first Number "6 and 6" refers to the Protection from Solid, and the second number "8 and 7" refers to the Protection from Liquid.
The Numbers define the level of Protection From Solid(Dust Particles) and Liquid(Water, Juice, etc).

Can You Use Your Smartphone Under Water with IP68 Rating?

Yes, You can. But, not more than 1-2 meter inside water for a long time, because the Pressure is high under the water that can damage your smartphone. You can use your IP68 Rating Smartphone while swimming for a short time. 

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