Apple Computer vs Windows Computer | Which is Best For You?

In the market, mostly you will get a mac and windows computer. Which One is Best For You? Why buy a Mac Computer or a Windows Computer?

Mac Computer:

Mac Computer is an Apple product. Apple makes all the Computer hardware and OS themselves. Most of the popular software is also made for macOS.

Windows Computer:

Windows is an OS from Microsoft Corporation. This OS is made by Microsoft, where other windows computer hardware is made by other companies like DELL, HP, ACER, etc.


If you buy a Macbook or iMac, then at least you need to pay more than $1000. But, You can build a windows computer from $300 to more than $1000.


Apple Mac Computer performance is really great. You can run heavy apps on it.
To get a great performance, you need to pay more than $1000 for a windows computer. In a budget windows computer, you will get slow performance.


If you are buying a computer for gaming, then go for a windows computer, because windows computers are specially made for gaming and other general usages. You can also do video editing, photo editing, programming, etc. on the windows computer.


But, If you are buying a computer for productive work like Video Editing, Photo Editing, Documentation, Web/App Development, then a Mac computer is made for you.




Buy a computer according to your budget and uses.

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