5 Useful Google Chrome Extension

Google Chrome Extension is a program that helps you to improve your browsing experience on your web browser. So for you, We have found 5 useful Google Chrome Extension. They are:

1.Dark Reader

After installing this Extension, You can enable a dark theme on any website. You should install Dark Reader Extension if you Use Your Computer Browser at night time.
Click Here, To Install Dark Reader.


Grammarly will help you to improve the spelling and grammatical errors while posting a comment or typing something on the different sites.
Click Here, To Install Grammarly.


3.Save Image As Type

Save Image As Type Extension will help you to download images in different formats like JPG, PNG, and WebP.
Click Here, To Install Save Image As Type.

4.Google Dictionary (By Google)

This Extension will help you to know the meaning of and how to pronounce a word just by double-clicking on it.
Click Here, To Install Google Dictionary (By Google).

5.Picture-In-Picture Extension (By Google)

This extension will help you to watch videos on Picture-in-Picture Mode.
Click Here, To Install Picture-In-Picture Extension (By Google).

You can watch This Video:



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