How Do I Stop My Smartphone Addiction?

Smartphone addiction is now common in today's world. Almost everyone is addicted to a smartphone. They spend all the time on their phone, that is very wrong. 

To stop your smartphone addiction habit, You must follow these things:

1.Schedule Your Time For Using Smartphone

You have to set a time table to use your smartphone. For example, I will use my Smartphone for 2 hours, from 7 PM to 9 PM. 

2.Turn Off Notifications

Notifications on a Smartphone are the main cause of distraction. You must keep your phone on silent or turn Off the App Notification.

3.Uninstall or Limit The Most Used App

If you use Instagram, Facebook, or other apps and games a lot, then Uninstall or Limit those App Uses Time. You can easily get this Option On Your Smartphone Setting.

4.Use Black and White Theme

Human Eyes are more attracted to colored images that mean if you use a black and white theme, then you may use your smartphone less.

5.Focus On Your Other Life Goal

You have to focus on something that you always wanted to do, and that can be anything like Playing Guitar, Reading, App Developing, Cricket, and others. The more you focus on Your Life Goal, the less you will use your smartphone unnecessarily.

Remember, You have to Control your smartphone, Don't let your smartphone control you.

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