How To Protect Your Google, Facebook and Others Account?

If you have an Account on different sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others then, You must protect this account from a hacker.
Because a Hacker can hack your Different Social Media Accounts easily if you haven't protected them properly.


Here are some tips to secure and protect your Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others Accounts:

1.Keep Strong Password:


You have to set a strong password on your Accounts.

Tips To Create Strong Password

i)  Never Use Dictionary words like Apple, Ball, etc.
ii) Never Use Your Phone Number, Date of Birth, your BF/GF name, and other names as a password.
iii)Use More than 12-digit Password.
iv)Your Password Should include Alphabets(A-Z and a-z), Numbers(0-9), and special character(!@#$%^&*(),etc).
v) Never Use the Same Password in all the social media accounts like Your Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and others Account Password should be different from each other.

SmartTechTip - Weak Password
32t!P$M@rT.tEc#35 - Strong Password

RohitShah - WeakPassword
32rO#!t21$ha#StT - Strong Password
, etc

Again, Don't Use The Password Mentioned Above.

An account with the Strong Password is difficult to hack.

2.Always have a recovery Phone Number and Email Account:

You should always add a recovery Phone Number and Email Address to recover your account or change the password if someone knows your password.

3.Use 2-Factor Authentication (2-Step Verification):

2-Step Verification adds an extra layer of security. Whenever you log in to your account on a new device, you will get an OTP to log in. Without out Correct OTP, you cannot log in to your account into a new device. If 2-Step Verification is ON. So, Enable 2-Step Verification of your Google, Facebook, and other accounts.

4.Use Security Key:

I will 100% recommend you to use a Security key if you can buy it. Without this key, you cannot access your account yourself. So, If you can afford it, then purchase a Security Key.


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