Can A Computer Virus Affect Hardware?

Computer viruses are harmful programs that destroy, steal, manipulate the computer system. But, can a computer virus destroy the computer hardware? Like, it is a program that uses the computer hardware to run, right. Well, the answer might be or is no.

Can A Computer Virus Affect Computer Hardware?

No, basically. A computer virus is just a computer program written in code lines. It does the same thing that other computer programs do while in use. Like it uses a processor, RAM, storage for processing, and storing data. And with today's powerful computer hardware it is impossible for a virus to destroy or harm the computer hardware.
Computer viruses usually manipulate the software, steal the data, crash the operating system. But, it doesn't destroy with the hardware part. But, there can be one scenario. It can indirectly damage your computer hardware like for example, a computer virus can turn off the CPU fans which will increase the heat and will damage your processor. But, it is barely possible because at that moment you will realize you have the virus on your computer. You can instantly remove it or ask an expert to remove it from your computer.

In conclusion, A computer virus cannot harm your computer system because it is just a computer program written in code lines.

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