7 Reasons To Take A Break From Social Media

Social media has become an addiction. Everyone is wasting their time on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. Social media can be a great tool. But it has a huge negative impact on adults and youth's future nowadays. The only solution to avoid the negative impact of social media would be to quit using it, reduce the usage time or change the content consumption habit on social media. Below, I have mentioned seven reasons to take a break from social media.

7 Reasons To Take a Break From Social Media

You Will Get Extra Time

Many people spend a whole day on social media doing mindless browsing and scrolling. If they stop using it, they could have a lot of time and can utilize it for their future. If you spend 4-5 hours doing mindless browsing on social media, your future is insecure. Your future will be decided by the things you do in the present. So stop wasting time on social media by doing mindless browsing.

You Will Stop Feeling Depressed and Anxiety

Many people are depressed because of social media. They compare their life with others and see they don't have those things, happy life, joy and start believing their life is worst, which is not. People on social media always post when they are happy and are enjoying themselves. They will never post their sad life on social media. Even though they look happy on social media, they are actually sad and facing a lot of problems in their life, and yes your life is not the worst. You just compared your happy life with someone else, which is wrong. This comparison on social media is the cause of depression and anxiety among the youth. So avoid using it a lot.

You Start Connecting With People Around You

Social media has disconnected many people from real life. People nowadays sit next to each other on the sofa, but they talk to each other through social media. Why dude? If you stop using your smartphone for a while and observe people around you, you will notice that many people waste their time on their smartphones and social media doing nothing and they never talk to the person next to them but will talk to the stranger online. If you stop using social media and start talking to people around you, you will be more connected to your family members and friends in the real world.

Your Mood Become Happier

If you quit social media and start focusing on your life goals, your mood will eventually be happier. You will be less annoyed by toxic people, not be depressed and anxious because of comparison on social media, etc.

You Will Be Away From Negative Thoughts And News

Social media is the place where negativity and fake news spread like a fire. These negative thoughts and news create a negative impact on many people's life. If you get rid of it, your life will be away from negativity and your surrounding will be positive.

Your Sleep Quality Will Improve

If you get rid of social media addiction, your anxiety level, negative thoughts will decrease which will eventually increase your sleep quality. These days many people can't sleep because of the non-stop negative thoughts and chattering in their minds. Social media could be one of the main causes of these negative thoughts. Your mind becomes more powerful and focused because of good quality sleep. Many people these days never get good sleep because of depression and anxiety created by using social media a lot. So avoid using social media a lot.

To Protect Your Private Information

Many social media company tracks their user data and sell them to earn money. Many people might say "what is a great deal then it is just data. What will happen if someone will track my data? Nothing" which is definitely a wrong thing because there are a lot of illegal things that can be done by using your personal data. Someone can blackmail you, track you and your family and friend list, use your photos and videos for various illegal tasks, etc. If you stop using social media, your data will be protected from being hacked and seized.

In conclusion, Quitting social media or reducing the useless usage of social media will help you live a happy life.

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