Why Math is Needed For Programming?

If you are new to the programming world, then, you might get the question like Why is Math Necessary For Programming? Do We Even Use Math While Programming? Questioning these things is not a wrong thing. Every programmer may have gone through this phase.

Why Is Math Necessary For Programming?

Mathematics helps you to build structure and logic easily. Your problem-solving skill improves. While programming you are going to use basic to high-level Mathematics depending on what you are doing.In most programming fields, Math is necessary because you use lots of Math while writing code, building structure, etc. But, in some programming fields like web development, your basic mathematics knowledge is enough because most of the time you are coding to design the web.
But, in Artificial Intelligence(AI), Data Structure and Algorithm(DSA), Machine Learning(ML), Data Science, your mathematics skill should be good. Because most of the time you are building logic.
In-game development, you should know 2D+3D Geometry, Acceleration, Velocity, and other Physics related math topics. In AI, DSA, ML, Data Science, you should know Vectors, Matrices, Probability, Calculus, Geometry, and other math topics.
So definitely in programming/coding, mathematics is required. And you must develop mathematical skills if you are in a high-level programming field.

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