Can Technology Replace Teachers?

Technology has changed a lot of things in the education field. Before there was a pen and a paper and now there is a computer installed with software to do pen/paperwork. Physical books are replaced by digital E-book, PDFs, etc. Teaching and learning become easy and free because of the Internet. But the question is, Will Technology Replace Teachers? Like everything is done through the computer and internet in the education field. Why do we need teachers then?

Can Technology Replace Teachers?

In my opinion, technology can't replace teachers. Technology might replace the learning part. But, it will not replace teachers because there is a vast difference in learning and teaching. Learning means gaining knowledge, skill or anything and Teaching means giving knowledge, skill to someone.
Nowadays, learning has become a lot easier. You can easily learn anything through the Internet by reading articles, ebooks, watching videos on the Internet. You can buy online courses for gaining different knowledge and skill. But, we can't ignore the fact that online courses, ebooks, articles, etc are made by a person. And since they are spreading knowledge, we can say they are teachers.

Actually, a teacher can use technology to make teaching and learning more effective.


3 Reasons Technology Can't Replace Teachers

Humans are Social Being But Computer Aren't

You can learn anything these days with the help of the Internet and computers. But, there won't be any human-to-human interaction. If there won't be human-to-human interaction you will feel lonely, you won't have anyone to share your creative ideas, and so forth. Instead, you can do all these things with teachers.

Teachers Can Motivate and Inspire Students

A computer will never tell, you can do it, work hard. You can make a computer program to do that but there won't be any human-to-human interaction. That means it won't be as much as effective as a real human teacher can inspire you.

Teachers Can Explain It in A Simple Language

The computer will give you the answer which is written by a human in a complex way which will be difficult to understand by many students. But a teacher can simply explain the complex topic so that every student can understand it and also the complex part. Because we are human and humans are very creative.

In conclusion, technology can never replace teachers until the computer acts like a human.

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