Why To Use Incognito Mode?

 Have you ever used Incognito Mode or Private Mode on your web browser? Maybe you have, right.
But, did you know what is the use of incognito Mode?


What is Incognito Mode?

Incognito or Private Mode is a feature of a web browser that helps you to browse the internet without saving your browsing history.

Many people think that Incognito Mode makes them anonymous on the internet. But, that's not true. 

In incognito mode, your browsing history is not saved on the computer that you are using for browsing the internet.

Otherwise, your history is still saved on the website you have visited, your Internet Service Provider can track what are you doing on the Internet.

What is Incognito Mode Used For?

It is used to prevent your browsing history from being stored on the computer. (But, your data is still stored on the server website.)

Then, Why Incognito Mode is made?

  • It is made for different purposes like:
  • If you are browsing the Internet from a public computer then it will help you to prevent your browsing history from being stored on that computer.
  • The website cookies will be deleted after when you close the Incognito Mode.
  • The website cannot track your browsing behavior.

Is it safe?

Yes and no.
Yes, because your data/browsing history is not stored on the computer.

No, because it is the same as the normal browser. Your location and history can be tracked by the website you visit and by your Internet Service Provider.

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