Do I Need To Buy A 5G Phone Right Now?

If you are using the Internet for the last ten years. Then, you are the person who was using 3G and still using 4G net on a smartphone, right.

If you check the smartphone market then you will see a lot of 5G smartphones. But, Do You Need a 5G Phone, right now?

What is a 5G Smartphone?

A 5G smartphone is a smartphone that supports 5G internet.

What is a 5G Net?

5G is the fifth generation of the network. The net speed of 5G is more than 20GB per second.
You can download a 1GB file in just a second using 5G net.

Do I Need To Buy a 5G Smartphone?

Yes, If you have a 5G net tower in your area/country.
No, If you don't have a 5G net tower in your area/country.


In some countries, 5G Net is being used. If you are that lucky person, you should buy a 5G smartphone.

It is expected that by 2025 5G will come all over the world.

So, If you don't have a 5G tower in your area then you don't need to buy a 5G phone.


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