What is Cloud Computing?

 What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a process of sending, storing, and receiving data to the server through the internet.

For Eg: Google Cloud Storage: You can use Google Cloud Storage to store your files, images, videos, etc on google Server through the Internet.

What is the use of Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing will help us to do a heavy task on a normal computer.

For Eg: You can play high-end games on your slow PC through cloud computing.
The game will be stored and process from the server, but you will play the game on your monitor screen through the Internet.

Is Cloud Computing a Future?

Yes, Cloud Computing is going to be the future. In the future, the Internet will become a lot faster through the 5G Network. Because of the fast internet, we can send and receive data quickly from the server to our computer and do more tasks through cloud computing.

What's your Opinion On Cloud Computing?

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