6 Useful Websites For Students

  On the Internet, there are millions of sites including smarttechtip.com.
Below I have mentioned 6 useful websites for the students.


If you want a solution for a HowTo, How related question on any topic. Then, you should visit wikiHow.com.


Most of you may already know about this popular site. But, many students don't take advantage of Wikipedia. You can find the answer to any question on Wikipedia.


Grammarly will help you to write an article, paragraph without any grammar and spelling mistakes. Though, you need to pay money for accessing the most useful features. But, the free features of Grammarly are really useful too.


Quora is a site where you can ask and answer the question around the world. If you are a student and a learner. Then, you must visit Quora.


If you are a book reader. Then, this website is made for you. On PDFDrive.com, you will get millions of pdf files. You can download the PDF for free and start reading your favorite PDF files/ book digitally.


KhanAcademy is an online free educational platform where you can get free courses and lessons on different subjects like Math, Science, Grammar, Computer Science, etc.


Click Here, For More Useful Websites and Apps

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