5 Websites To Learn Programming and Ethical Hacking

If you want to build your own apps and computer programs, you must know the computer programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, Javascript, etc.
But, from where you can learn these programming languages. Here are some of the websites that will teach you programming language online.


On this site, you will get thousands of paid and free courses in any programming language. You have to Sign Up on this site and start your learning after watching free or paid courses. You can also learn other things like video editing, photo editing, website development, etc.



From this site, millions of people have learned different programming languages. This is personally my favorite website too. 




On this site, you will get a lot of paid courses for programming and other topics. All the courses are helpful for those who want to learn. If you want to learn something by paying money, then you can check this site.



Believe me or not, but you can actually learn to program on youtube. There are many channels on YouTube that provide free programming videos tutorial.


CodeAcademy is one of the best sites to learn computer programming for free. All the courses are free on this site.

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