Different Types Of Sensor In A Smartphone And Their Uses

You may don't know, But, There are lots of useful sensors in a smartphone. Some of them are:


  1.  Accelerometer Sensor

  2.  Magnetometer Sensor

  3.  Proximity Sensor

  4.  Ambient Light Sensor

  5.  Barometer Sensor

  6.  Gyroscope Sensor

  7.  Thermometer Sensor

  8.  Pedometer Sensor

  9.  Fingerprint Sensor

1.Accelerometer Sensor:

Accelerometer Sensor is used to detect the Orientation of a Smartphone. You might have used your smartphone in portrait mode or landscape mode, right. To rotate a smartphone horizontally or vertically, Accelerometer Sensor is used.

2.Magnetometer Sensor:

A magnetometer Sensor is used to detect the Earth's magnetic field. It will show you the East, West, North, and South directions in a digital compass app that you can download from the play store or app store.

3.Proximity Sensor:

A proximity sensor is used to detect how much near the object is. Did you ever think that when you take your smartphone near to your face while calling, your smartphone display turns off? It's because of the proximity sensor. The sensor detects the object distance. If it is near to any object, it will turn off the smartphone while on a phone call, and it will turn on the display light when it is far from the object. This sensor is used to avoid the accidental touches while you are on phone call.

4.Ambient Light Sensor:

Ambient Light Sensor is used to adjust the brightness of the smartphone according to the environment light. If you take your smartphone in a bright environment, then this sensor will increase the brightness, and in a dark room, it will reduce the brightness.

5.Barometer Sensor:

If you have read about Atmospheric pressure, then you might know about Barometer. A barometer Sensor is used to detect the height of a smartphone from sea level. It can be useful in a health app to detect how much high you have climbed and in other things.


6.Gyroscope Sensor:

An accelerometer sensor is used to detect the orientation. But, a gyroscope sensor is used to detect the movement, angle, and position of the smartphone. This sensor is used while playing car races and other games too. 

7.Thermometer Sensor:

A thermometer sensor detects the internal temperature of a smartphone. If the temperature is high, then it will slow down the performance to cool down the internal part.

8.Pedometer Sensor:

A pedometer sensor is used to detect how many steps you have run or walked. This sensor is mostly used by health and fitness app.


9.Fingerprint Sensor:

A fingerprint sensor is used to lock and unlock your smartphone, apps, and other things. By using this sensor, you can protect and quickly unlock your smartphone.



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