How Much RAM Do I Need In A Smartphone?

Right Now, In the market, you will find 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, 12GB, etc of RAM in a smartphone. How Much RAM Do We Need In A Smartphone and Why?

Well, If you don't use heavy apps and games, and you don't run multiple apps then you don't need extra RAM/Memory in your smartphone. You can go for 4GB of RAM on a Smartphone. But, if you do a heavy task, running heavy apps and games than at least you need 8GB of RAM in a Smartphone.

Why Do I need RAM in A Smartphone?

RAM is used to do the multitasking on your smartphone. You can run multiple apps in the background. RAM actually hold the required data that need to run an app. More RAM is equal to more multitasking you can do on a smartphone.

How Much RAM Do I need in a Smartphone?

If you are a normal user who doesn't use heavy apps and games then you can go for 4GB or 6GB of RAM according to your budget and uses. But, if you use heavy apps and games like PUBG, Facebook, YouTube, etc then you must go for 8GB or 12 GB of RAM.

Note: More RAM = More Price



In short, Go for an 8GB RAM smartphone. It will fulfill your all requirement according to today's apps and your uses.

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