How Much Storage Do I Need In A Smartphone?

I am damn sure most people face the storage problem on their smartphone, right. They always run out of storage on their smartphone. It's only because of poor smartphone storage choices. In the market, You will get a smartphone with different storage capacities/sizes like 32GBs, 64GBs, 128GBs, 256GBs, 512GBs, etc. How Much Storage Do We Need In a Smartphone? Which one is actually best for you? Should you buy a 64B storage smartphone or a 128GB storage smartphone?

How Much Storage Do You Need In A Smartphone?

It actually depends from person to person. For some people, 32GB storage will be enough for them, and for some people, 128GB storage can be less storage.  It depends upon the uses of the smartphone, how much data is going to store on the smartphone, and how long the smartphone is going to be used by the user.

Why To Buy a 32GB Storage Smartphone?

If you use your smartphone for doing a very normal task like just browsing social media, news sites and texting, messaging, and calling then 32GB is enough storage for you because your task doesn't include the requirement of more storage space.

Why To Buy a 64GB Storage Smartphone?

If you take images and videos, download different apps and games, and going to use your smartphone for at least a year then you should buy a 64GB storage smartphone. 64GB can fulfill many people's needs. If it is fulfilling your need go for it.

Why To Buy a 128GB Storage Smartphone?

If you take a lot more images and videos like 2000+ images, 2-3 Hours of FHD videos, downloading lots of heavy apps and games like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, etc you must buy 128GB storage. And If you are not going to take lots of images, videos and download the app, etc then still I will recommend you to buy a 128GB storage smartphone because a 128GB storage will help you to use your smartphone for a long time without any storage problem. Imagine you are using your smartphone for 2 years without any storage space problem. 128GB storage is ideal storage for most of us.

Why To Buy a 256GB, 512GB, and more Storage Smartphone?

You can also go for 256GB, 512GB storage of smartphones if you are a very heavy smartphone user. But, I will still recommend you to go for 128GBs or at least 64GBs if you are going to use your smartphone for 1-2 years.

In Conclusion, Choose the ideal storage that will fulfill your smartphone requirement. My recommendation is at least go for 128GB storage if you are going to use your smartphone for at least 2 years.

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