Why so many Programming Languages Are Created?

Programming is a way of giving a set of instructions to a computer to perform a task. There are already thousands of programming languages in the market like C, C++, JAVA, Javascript, Python, etc. But why there are many programming languages. Can't we just use one programming language for coding everything?

Why so many Programming Languages Are Created?

The reason behind many programming languages in the market is their requirement per the need. Let's say If you want to cut an apple you will use a knife right and to sew clothes you will use a sewing needle. To do different tasks you use different tools suitable to complete that task. You can't cut an apple using a sewing needle and can't sew clothes using a knife. Same as you can't create all the computer programs using a single programming language as all programming languages are designed for different tasks.
For example: To design a Website Frontend HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used. JavaScript can also be used to code Backend but it is not that suitable for coding Backend programs as it shows many errors in the Backend. Hence, Python, PHP, and other programming languages are used as they are suitable for backend programming. To develop system-level software C, C++, etc programming languages are used. To develop an Android Application JAVA is used.

In conclusion, different programming languages are used as a tool to perform different tasks. That is why there are many programming languages in the market. And it is up to you to choose which programming field you want to work in Web Development, BackEnd Programming, Android Application development, or others.

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