How To Become A Web Developer?

What is Web Development?

Web development is the process of developing websites and web applications, and a person who develops websites and web applications is known as a Web Developer.

Types of Web Developer

There are three types of Web Developers:

  • Frontend Web Developer
  • Backend Web Developer
  • Fullstack Web Developer

FrontEnd Web Developer

Frontend web developers are those developers who design the user interface of the website. Frontend development is basically client-side development.

BackEnd Web Developer

BackEnd Web Developer are those developers who handle the database, and server-side stuff like collecting, managing user input information, the connection between the user computer and the server, etc. Backend development is server-side development.

Fullstack Web Developer

Fullstack Web Developer is a combination of both frontend and backend developers. They do both client-side and server-side work.

How To Become A Frontend Web Developer?

To Become a Frontend Web Developer you need to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

HTML(HyperText Markup Language)

HTML is a markup language that is used to structure the website. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Every single website uses HTML. Without it, websites would have never existed.

CSS(Cascading Style Sheet)

CSS is used to give style to a website. It is used to make the website more attractive. It gives style to the HTML document. So it is necessary to learn HTML first and then CSS.


JavaScript is a popular web programming language. It is used to code the behavior of web pages and create an interactive website.

How To Become A Backend Web Developer?

To Become a Backend Web Developer you need to learn programming languages like Python, PHP, SQL, Java, etc.


Python is a popular programming language used to create a web application. It is used to code the server-side.


PHP is a popular scripting language used to code server-side. The world's biggest websites like Facebook, and Google also use PHP for the backend.


SQL is used to store, manipulate, and manage data in databases.

How To Become A Fullstack Web Developer?

To Become a Fullstack Web Developer you need to learn both front-end developer stuff like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Backend developer stuff like Python, PHP, SQL, Java, and other programming languages used in web applications.

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