5 Types Of Programming Language

Programming language is a computer language written to communicate and give instruction to a computer. There are many programming languages for computers. Every programming language has its own features.

5 Types Of Programming Languages

Procedural Programming Language

Procedural Programming language is a programming language where programs are coded and executed step-by-step as written in code. For example: BASIC, C, Java, etc.

Scripting Programming Language

Scripting Programming Language is a language whose code can be executed without compilation. It uses an interpreter to execute commands or code. For example: JS, PHP, etc.

Object-Oriented Programming Language

Object-Oriented Programming language is a language based on an object or unit which contains data. For example: Java, C++, PYTHON, JS, etc.

Functional Programming Language

Functional Programming language is a programming language used for symbolic computation and list processing applications using a mathematical function. For example: PYTHON, etc

Logic Programming Language

Logic Programming Language is a language where codes are written and executed logically. It uses mathematical functions and logic to decide the command or instruction given to a computer. Example: PROLOG, DataLog, etc.

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