How To Insert JavaScript in HTML?

There are two ways to Insert/Connect JavaScript to HTML documents. They are:

Use External JavaScript

You can create external JavaScript and link it to the HTML document. First of all, create a JavaScript file, for example, MyScript.js, and type all the JavaScript code you want. Then goto HTML document and inside <head> section add this code.

<script src="MyScript.js"></script>


<script src="filename.js"></script>

Use JavaScript inside the HTML document

You can also type JavaScript code inside the HTML document using <script></script> tag inside <head> or <body> section. For example:
 <button onclick="text()">Click</button>
  <button onclick="date()">Date</button>
  <p id="demo"></p>
  <p id="date"></p>
      function text(){
      function date(){


....JS code....

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