Introduction To Web Development?

What is Web Development?

Web development is the process of developing a website, and web design using web development tools like HTML, CSS, JS, frameworks, etc. It is one of the most essential skills in 2024 with a great future ahead.

Types of Web Development

Web Development is furthermore categorized into three parts:
Frontend, Backend, and Full-Stack Web Development

Frontend Web Development:

Frontend Web Development means the development of all the frontend parts of the website that the user sees on their computer. In a simple explanation, the content you see on your browser is the job of front-end development. It uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to display content in the browser. Frontend developers are responsible for creating user-interactive websites.

Backend Web Development:

Backend development means the development of all the backend parts of the website which control the behind-the-scene of the website. Backend developers are responsible for controlling the serverside, management of the database, server configuration, and behind-the-scene functionality of the website. It uses PHP, Python, Ruby, or JavaScript (using frameworks like Node.js) to build the logic, databases, and server configurations that power the website.

Fullstack Web Development:

Fullstack Web Development is the combination of both frontend and backend web development. Full-stack developers have knowledge of both fields. They know how to design a website and also manage its database, server, and storage.

What is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?


HTML is a hyptertext markup langauge. It is used to structure the website.


Cascading Style Sheet is used to design the website. This tool is used to make the structure of the website look good.


JavaScript programming language makes the website functional by adding logical functions and inputs to the website.

What is the Importance Of Web Development?

With the growth of the IT field and business, the demand for web developers is increasing day by day. Every business these days is on the internet and to be on the internet they need web developers who can make websites for their business. Web development is a highly-demand job for 2024 and for the coming years. It has importance in the global market as well.

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