Is Web Development Dying In 2022?

Web development is a work that involves the task to develop, create, edit a website. Web development has been popular since the birth of the Internet and it is never going away anytime soon.

Is Web Development Dying In 2022?

No, web development isn't dying in 2022 or anytime soon. In fact, the demand for web development and web developers is increasing day by day. Every company nowadays wants to build their business online and to do so these companies need web developers. Many new devices are coming into the market in different sizes and web developers are required to make the website responsive so that the website will look good on all different devices. Top companies in the world like Google, Microsoft, Facebook(Meta), Amazon, etc hire many web developers every year with high salary packages to maintain their business online.
Web development is one of the fastest-growing jobs right now in the world. Unlike other jobs, no one can replace the web developer's job or it is not going to be replaced by anything(automation) anytime soon. Maybe the tools required to create a website may become easily available but the job of a developer can't be replaced by anything. If you want to build your career in web development then go and learn it. You have a great future ahead.

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