Which Programming Language To Learn First?

Being called a programmer sounds cool. And to be called a programmer you need to learn a programming language or programming languages. But which programming language should you learn first to be called a 'Programmer'?

Which Programming Language To Learn First?

Before asking this question, you should be clear about which programming field you want to enter. For example, If you want to become a web developer then you should learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc programming languages. If you want to make games and become a Game Developer then you should C++,  if you want to make an android app learn Java, Kotlin, etc.

If you are asking for programming in general like you just started programming and wanted to know the concept of programming then my recommendation is to learn C, Java, JavaScript, etc as your first programming language. If you asked me my first programming language, then it was C language. Back in 2018, I started learning the C language through the Internet, Book Called (Let Us C) to get the concept of programming. And C language really helped me to get the basic concept and knowledge of programming, and how programming works. It has helped me to easily learn other programming languages as well. I remember when I switched from C to learning JavaScript, it wasn't that hard. I learned JavaScript in a matter of 2 months because I had the concept of programming because of the C language whereas it took me almost a year to learn the C language.
If you gain the concept of programming by learning any language that covers all the basic programming concepts then it would it easy for you to learn any programming language. I am not saying you should start with only C language. No, I am saying my story. If you want to understand programming concepts and want yourself to be called a programmer then you should start learning a programming language that covers all the basic programming concepts. Those programming languages that cover all the basic programming concepts are C, C++, Java, JavaScript, etc. Start with any one programming language and later you can decide in which programming field you want to go and learn those programming languages required in that field.

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